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All these things depend on transient mental states.

And they in turn depend on your biochemistry (amongst other things).

Lean and/or athletic low carbers have three things in common: Our body seeks to keep our glycogen stores in our liver and muscles reasonably stocked, even on a low carb diet.

But obviously, this is more of a challenge when you are both lowering dietary carbs and burning through it at a faster rate than most.

There’s one pattern that is clearly emerging that I’m calling a Lean Mass Hyper-responder.

Before this particular pattern emerged from having lots of labs to compare to each other, I often speculated a higher mobilization of LDL-P could be used by the body as an “alternative glycogen store”.

If you ever meditated, took drugs, had a bad night of sleep, or been sick you know this to be true: with these biochemical fluctuations your personality changes, and behaviors can become much easier or harder.

My goal is simple: manipulate my biochemistry to get more of the things I want, and less of the things I do not want. I attack 6 major blocks: I am actually very conservative and paranoid about these things.

Per Volek and Phinney, the body gets better at sparring (and I have my own data that confirms this), but the demands are still relevant for available fuel.

So think about it — (1) lower adipose fuel tank, (2) lower glycogen fuel tank, yet (3) higher energy demands.One privately shared via email, one in the comments of this site, and one on the forums of another.