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Mature, humble, and always to the point, he took a break to chat with .

He talked about all of the growing up he's done of late, and how it's influenced his career, his health, andhis advocacy work—but also about why he'll always be a Jonas Brother, no matter how independent he gets. Right now, I specifically feel very confident about it, because I'm in the best health I've been in since before my diagnosis.

Over time, naturally, you learn how to best manage your diabetes. It's been a real blessing that over the years, my A1C has come down and down and down [from 12.1 percent, at diagnosis].

I've had it for five years, and you just learn how to deal. At my last checkup, it was the lowest it's ever been.

It's just about, with my parents and my family, knowing they're there when I need them, but also that they trust me enough to take care of it myself, which is important for me. I think living that way is better than living in a way that's hazardous, where you're not thinking things through.

I would say it's been a natural transition—it wasn't like it was premeditated—it just kind of has happened, in a way. Diabetes is not something I asked for, but it is something I do have to deal with. It's actually helped me as person to grow and really blessed me in a lot of ways. Also, I was never any good at math till I got diabetes, and now I have to be really good at math, so it's helped me there, too. It just depends on the specific day, or week, or year. Kevin's in New Jersey with his in-laws and his wife.

There are just a lot of career opportunities for me right now, and what I'd be studying is what I'm actually out in the world doing, pursuing my passion, so I don't know if it makes sense to get a degree.

Although I've also thought about majoring in English—that would be the other thing I'd like to do—so we'll see.

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There are definitely times, though, that I feel like saying, "I don't want to deal with this; I just want to have this Gatorade or slice of pizza and not have to deal," but I have to take it one step at a time, and I do.

It was basically a summertime camp with a lot of high school kids, and, basically, it ended up that we had to quickly find a way out, but it was good to just go and see the school, what it's all about, although I didn't get to see it all.

It's really about being someone that people with diabetes can look to and say it will be fine living their everyday life and following their dreams with diabetes—that's the main thing.

I have been independent for a while—I just am that way—but when it comes to my diabetes, in the past four to five months, I've been taking even more responsibility.

I'm really taking it on myself—relying on friends and family when needed, but knowing this is something that I have, that I have to deal with. Like, it's made me strong mentally, in the sense where now I think about everything with logic because of diabetes, because it requires you to think with logic and to really think everything through.

Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2005, at the age of 13, instantly forced Nick Jonas to grow up.

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