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29-Sep-2019 19:19

Smartphones, i Pods, tablets, and digital cameras have become smaller and more advanced.

Nicole Weaver was shopping with her two young sons in a Boise, Idaho, Wal-Mart in 2010 when another shopper alerted her of a man she saw recording Weaver with his cell phone.“She came up to me in the aisle saying, ‘He’s taking your photo! ’ That’s when I really noticed he was standing literally right next to me, kneeling down, I guess pretending to look at medicine, his camera looking up my skirt,” said Weaver, 41.

Weaver said she is more aware of her surroundings now “mostly with my kids.

If anybody looks twice at them, I’m on it.”“Nobody is beyond questioning,” she said.

But while hidden technology has advanced, laws regulating its use have lagged, experts and law enforcement say.

We’re living in an era of discreet surveillance governed by laws that mostly cover peeking through windows.

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Together, the two women restrained the man, reached for his cell phone, and turned it over to a Wal-Mart security guard.

He was later arrested and charged with video voyeurism; a felony in Idaho.

Lieutenant Will Benny of the Dothan County Police Department in Alabama cited a case earlier this month involving a man who planted a hidden camera in a young woman’s bedroom. Benny said, “If he had installed audio, it would have been a felony.”“Technology has surpassed the scope of the law,” he said.

Last month, Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore agreed to pay a 0 million settlement to victims of a doctor who recorded over 1,200 videos and 140 images of gynecological exams with a concealed camera inside a pen he wore around his neck.

Law enforcement officials say these kind of tiny cameras are becoming more common.