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16-Jun-2020 11:53

In San Diego, two controversial shootings were captured on police body-cam videos this year -- but police refused media requests to make the footage public, undercutting the idea that a video record can help the public understand what happens in a controversial case.

Even when camera footage is available, say professors Ready and Young, "it is possible that on-officer video creates a polarizing effect on some controversies because people with strong convictions about what has transpired during a police shooting may use the 'facts' that they see in the video footage to support their expectations about what occurred in the blind spots." Washington Post blogger Radley Balko points out that merely having cameras isn't enough: "In addition to making these videos public record, accessible through public records requests, we also need to ensure that police agencies implement rules requiring officers to actually use the cameras, enforce those rules by disciplining officers when they don't and ensure that the officers, the agencies that employ them, and prosecutors all take care to preserve footage, even if the footage reflects poorly on officers." An additional problem is that evidence suggests that the presence of cameras doesn't necessarily make police officers more courteous or careful.

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The City of Redmond makes no warranty, representation or guarantee as to the content, sequence, accuracy, timeliness or completeness of any of the information provided.There's a related issue of whether witnesses will be less willing to share important information with officers if they suspect the conversation is being recorded.