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05-Jun-2020 16:49

Follow these steps: If you would like to change any of the preferences vis-a-vis the different actions, Go Tools that Visual Studio will invoke for you, you should go to Preferences from the main menu.This will bring up the settings in the editor and you can go to the Go configuration as shown below: Note that it opens up a file on the right side and allows you to override the default settings, which is a neat feature. Assuming that you have launched Visual Studio Code, the first step to do is to add a Project folder.After a restart all is fine at first, but once it starts updating Intelli Sense and counting down items it stops always on the same number (the number slightly changed with further changes in the project).As explained in XML vs XAML intellisense section of my blog post, Xamarin 4 ships with an XML-based intellisense for Xamarin. We have worked with Microsoft to make it possible to use the excelent built-in XAML language service instead, which knows about XAML’s specifics, and is driven by metadata provided by the Xamarin. In Visual Studio Update 1, a number of key issues were resolved that make the XAML language service quite usable for Xamarin.Assuming that you have setup the GOPATH for your Go Projects, you can select a folder in which you are going to keep your project files.

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So please give it a shot and let us know how it works!

Visual Studio Code is not the same as the full Visual Studio, that Microsoft is well-known for.

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