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12-Sep-2020 08:07

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They met on the set of SPECTACULAR, the Nickelodeon movie they both appeared in. Victoria dated Avan's best friend, Josh Hutcherson.She’s sorta like a low-maintenance chick especially when you compare her to the sex kittenish Ariana Grande, her fellow singer. But as fate would have it, she had nude pictures of her leaked on the internet (courtesy of the massive i Cloud hack in Sept 2014).Victoria has denied that the pictures were real but investigative nerds have pieced together rather compelling evidence to show that they were.One of these evidence pics can be found in the gallery below. In the upcoming episode “Jade Dumps Beck,” Beck (Jogia) befriends a famous teenage socialite, which does not sit well with Jade (Gillies).I just want to say that all of you have touched us with your incredible support and inspired all of us each week to make it the best show we possibly could.

“It all started when I was twelve years old and auditioned for a role on a show called would lead me to almost eight years on ‘Nickelodeon’ (all my teenage years).“Cat- She realizes that she has strong feelings for Robbie and that it was him along.