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21-Feb-2020 23:15

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I can add new rows OK and I can amend or delete data from known positions. dt Names(1)(3) ="John" followed by an adapter update will change the contents of the 4th field in the second row to "John" BUT there is no dtnames(Current Row)(3) available (Unless Current Row is a variable.) I need the number of the current row.

If it can't be done then I will have to do it another way, but the data Table works very well in all the other processes I need. NET the more I like d Base III Plus The foregoing, whilst believed to be correct, is given without guarantee as to it's accuracy and entirely without recourse.

It first performs UPDATE using INNER JOIN and then INSERTS all records that are not present in the table.

In this article I am populating the Grid View using the following XML file in the Page Load event.

Net: You are trying to use a reference variable who’s value is Nothing/null.

When the value is Nothing/null for the reference variable, that means it is not actually holding a reference to an instance of any object that exists on the heap. Net, you are trying to access a string that has not been initialized. You can’t even compile code like the following in C# Remember, a string is a reference type (a character array) that has to have a value.

If you create and drop your objects within each method, this isn’t going to be a problem, and you are actually following a better guideline by creating at the last necessary moment, and destroying at the first possible moment, not to mention avoiding possible exceptions like Invalid Reference Exception.

Finally the following stored procedure is created which will accept the Data Table as parameter and then will insert all records into the table that are not present in the table and the one that already exists will be updated.

The below Stored Procedure can be used where in the SQL Server version 2005 where MERGE function is not supported.

I realise that might mean a problem if someone else deletes an item from the database whilst another person is updating it but in this particular instance only one person will have that authority. NET the more I like d Base III Plus The foregoing, whilst believed to be correct, is given without guarantee as to it's accuracy and entirely without recourse.

However, I will have a try with nana_81's suggestion and use a dataset. You are required to decide for yourself whether or not it is suitable for your purposes and no liability for loss of any nature can be entertained.

Public Class Selected Bom Private Sub Selected Bom_Load(By Val sender As System.

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