Uses of radioisotopes as tracers for carbon dating

11-Jul-2020 19:22

Also radioisotopes are used in industry, to detect leaking pipes.

To do this, a small amount is injected into the pipe.

to make it simple on you the difference is an isotope is stable.

a a radioactive isotope is not stable and usually has a half life. Like Carbon-12 6protons and 6 neutrons and Carbon-14 6protons and 8neutrons.

Animals and plants have a known proportion of Carbon-14 (a radioisotope of Carbon) in their tissues.

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For example, our bodies contain radioisotopes, such as potassium-40, which continuously emit radiation, but because the amount is very low, no damage is done.Closer examination of the atoms that make up a given element has shown that, although they have the same number of protons, they can have differing numbers of neutrons.For example, the element carbon has three naturally occurring atomic forms – Some arrangements of the protons and neutrons in atomic nuclei are in a state of high energy and are said to unstable.Rearrangements can occur, leading to the emission of radiation.

Of the 3,000 nuclides (distinct kind of atom) known, only about 300 are stable.With paper, or plastic, or aluminium foil, b rays are used, because a will not go through the paper.

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