Updating xml jsp html form

07-Mar-2020 11:13

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The problem I am facing is how to populate same form ?If I somehow modify xml file used for displaying form , then for any other client using that form will show all the form fields populated.(I Guess) So I want to know exactly what is going to happen and how can i avoid this situation ? Your XSLT is transforming some input document which is XML? You apparently have this XML file, which you haven't said much about. Forget about looking for solutions until you have a clear description of the problem.JSP has been designed with XML in mind; you can write a JSP page as an XML document!This article presents a brief overview of XML, then it shows how to: Note: A well-formed document is handy if the document is simple, or when processing simple structures over networks where bandwidth is a concern, since it does not have the overhead of a complex DTD. The following example is a sample XML document, from a fictitious quote server, representing a portfolio of stocks.

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Java is the winner programming language to use with XML.

Basically, the browser has parsed the document and displayed it in a structured manner.