Updating nokia maps

19-Feb-2020 05:47

Also included in the update is the ability to quickly import addresses and locations saved on your phone’s clipboard, which can now be copied and pasted directly into the Google Maps search bar.

The news is the latest addition to the Google Maps mobile app as the company looks to make the service more useful than ever.

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The display changes depending on the current route of your journey, refreshing to reflect urban roads, country byways, and highways.

Google Maps now also makes it easier to place yourself in the world, having replaced the directional arrow that previously showed which way they were facing with a blue beam pointing out from the dot indicating your location.

The app is reportedly set to launch another huge time-saving feature soon, as it began to display real-time information on the availability of parking spaces at the user’s destination.

Parking information will be shown next to a P icon alongside the time estimate for your route, with three levels of availability on offer - Limited, Medium and Easy.

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Google Maps could become even more useful thanks to a handy new update for i OS devices.

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