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Iran, which was known as Persia before 1935, has had political relations with England since the late Ilkhanate period (13th century) when King Edward I of England sent Geoffrey of Langley to the Ilkhanid court to seek an alliance.In the year 1553, King Edward VI of England hired the wealthy merchant and explorer, Sebastian Cabot to develop a semi-profitable trading company.In order to attain the wealth of the country, the company penetrated successfully into the bazaars and dispatched more envoys.In 1597, as Abbas I of Safavid sought to establish an alliance against his arch rival, the Ottomans, he received Robert Shirley, Anthony Shirley, and a group of 26 English envoys in Qazvin.

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But at the time the company's envoys reached the royal court in Qazvin, the Shah was busy protecting his borders from his Osmani arch rivals (Ottoman) their attacks.Now you're ready to begin communication with your matches. Complete our Relationship Questionnaire and get your FREE personality Profile. Review your selected, highly-compatible matches FREE! Iran–United Kingdom relations are the bilateral relations between the countries of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Islamic Republic of Iran.Plagued with internal politics and incompetence, the Qajarid government found itself fast after their ascendancy incapable of rising to the numerous complex foreign political challenges at the doorsteps of Persia.

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Caption from a 1911 English satirical magazine reads: "If we hadn't a thorough understanding, I (British lion) might almost be tempted to ask what you (Russian bear) are doing there with our little playfellow (Persian cat)." During the monarchy of Fath Ali Shah, Sir John Malcolm, Sir Harford Jones-Brydges, 1st Baronet, Allen Lindsay, Henry Pottinger, Charles Christie, Sir Henry Rawlinson, Harold Nicolson, Sir Anthony Eden, Sir John Mc Neill, Edmund Ironside, and James Morier were some of the British elite closely involved with Persian politics.He was given two ships that sailed towards the port city of Arkhangelsk. Richard Chancellor, who successfully reached the northern city.