Teenage dating from a biblical standpoint

27-Feb-2020 06:14

Wikipedia puts the statistics regarding the larger groups affected approximately as follows: Nazi racial theory graded all non-Aryan populations as inferior beings – Slavs, Poles and Russians near the bottom, Scandinavians near the top, with the rest of Europeans falling somewhere in between.

Gypsies, a landless, defenseless population, were relegated to a sub-human status similar to that of Jews.

It would seem inaccurate to classify these dead as Holocaust victims, although racism was undeniably a factor in the treatment they received.

These distinctions between Jewish and non-Jewish victims continued into the final months and days of the war.

Just a small In WWII died 3M of ethnic Polish, who were almost all Catholics. So simple math says that the death rate was around 12%.

Of course it is still nothing compared to the percentage of Jews murdered by Nazi Germans, but is twice more than stated in article. Genocide is not the preserve of one race or people but of many.

The West knew what was going on and failed to react. No lessons have been learnt; genocide will continue all over the world.

The elements of the war against the Jewish spirit (e.g., abuse of rabbis, violence on Jewish holidays, desecration of synagogues and sacred objects, destruction of religious books) were not only a means of spiritual oppression. This unique aspect was rooted in anti-Semitic ideology and especially in Nazi beliefs.

For the first time in history, biological race was linked with the human spirit, culture, and morality.

The "Jewish germ" was not only the blood that had intermingled with that of the other nations, but the principles of morality, the spirit of liberalism, and the civilization that Judaism had introduced to Europe – everything that represented the antithesis of Nazism.

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