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28-Nov-2019 21:13

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Insecurity about something that you feel has the potential to be terrible or embarrassing.

Example: A teenager dreamed of having marry a cactus.

In waking life she felt her job was too demanding with proving she was honest at all times.

Low trust with high responsibility required to keep her job and it didn't feel good anymore.

Feeling easily carried by expert advice to reach a final destination in life.

Negatively, riding a cable car may reflect difficulty acting on expert advice while you enjoy listening to it.

The cabin reflected his wish to be alone and do drugs. In waking life she had taken time off work to be pregnant at home.To dream of cabbage represents feelings that it's beneficial to be more honest than you usually are. Negatively, cabbage may reflect feelings about honesty that is too honest for your comfort level.Feeling that telling the truth may make you look stupid or cost you in manner that is too much to lose. Situations with low trust and a high demand for responsibility.Using expert advice for entertainment or interesting conversation without ever wanting to really act on it. Example: A woman dreamed of riding in a cable car in the sky and looking down to see an foggy city.

Enjoying thinking other people are stupider than you while an expert instructs you on how to get through a problem easily from beginning to end. Insecurity about taking action based on advice you're getting. In waking life she was getting a lot of good advice from an expert to help her get through a difficult situation and some of the advice warned her of serious embarrassment waiting for people not getting the same advice.

A wish to be noticed impressive or always a winner. Negatively, a cadillac car may represent going so far with having to look like a winner that other people don't like you.