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15-May-2020 01:30

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A large portion why you can’t move on is probably because you keep seeing him/her as “the one” for you.You just can’t see yourself with anyone else but him/her. This leads you to linger on and on, hoping for a “some day” which will never come.To complete the cleansing process, all the dirt has to be cleansed.

Here are 12 signs to tell if you have not moved on: The moving on process will take time, probably longer than you might think.

If your relationship was longer, I can imagine there must be a lot more for you to deal with. Don’t bottle them in, because as we all know they will explode in the future when least expected.

Our baggage will be a mixture of sadness, regret, hope, wistfulness, melancholy, disappointment. Take time out for yourself to process these feelings. You might have heard of people who claim to have moved on by shutting off / avoiding their emotions altogether.

For myself, reading your responses and experiences have given me the invaluable opportunity to learn about you. All these require an ability to think consciously and to maintain a level of objectivity, which is hard because such matters are usually linked to deep sorrows and injured pride. Thinking you have moved on and having really moved on.

Meanwhile, please enjoy the last part of this series. If it wasn’t for my experience with G, I’d think moving on is just a matter of putting the past behind us. In the former, you continue to live under the shadow of that person or relationship without realizing it.You think you have been liberated but truth is you are still living in a mental prison as you keep thinking about the person and past memories.