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Calveley is a major producer of Cheshire cheese, and Beeston has an amazing lock which is made of cast iron flanged plates. You will quickly become aware of the London to Holyhead railway, which now joins the same route as the canal and you will see and hear several noisy trains, as they speed past en route to Holyhead.

Leaving Beeston the canal enters open countryside of the Cheshire plain and you can catch sight of the ruined Beeston Castle, followed by Peckforton Castle.

) that you find that you are now sitting on top of a viaduct, high above the surrounding countryside.

At the north end of the cutting is the Tyrley Wharf, with a nice group of Victorian buildings finished in 1840.Where locks were absolutely necessary the canal builders created flights of locks which were traversed more quickly.The canal was one of the most profitable for many years, but as the competition from the railways bit harder and harder less and less maintenance was done, and eventually in 1944 an Act was passed making the closure of the "Shroppie" official.In the distance you can clearly see the vast bulk of The Wrekin, a huge hill over 15 miles away.

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After you pass Goldstone Wharf - again with a great canalside pub at Bridge 55 - you glide into a VERY deep dank and gloomy cutting at Woodseaves.I have spent many a happy hour here watching the narrowboaters, as they proceed gracefully on their way through Wheaton Aston Lock.

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