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over 5 ft.) starting from the outside wall of the house is enough to keep water away from the foundation. You know, that toy that used to be made by the same company that now makes the Star Wars themed DIY design kits?

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That way you can check that the water is flowing properly and find any leaks.

Disconnect them to avoid the risk of a sewer backup.

Clear the gutters: A good habit to get into, ideally, you should clean the gutters in the spring and fall.

Gutters play a crucial role: They carry thousands of litres of water every year.

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During heavy rain, they can collect up to 10,000 L of water – half the volume of a 15 ft. A word of caution: Are your downspouts connected to the subsoil drainage pipe or the municipal sewer system? This is against National Building Code standards and many municipalities’ bylaws.

I would, however, not advise it on account of increased risk of wear and tear on either side. The first thing that caught my eye about the set was the great finish of the parts, things looked familiar, smooth and reusable.