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That said, vitamin D supplements are hormones in a bottle and are obviously dangerous at doses above the upper safe limit of 2000 IU/day set by the Food and Nutrition Board. Is the strategy really to use the power of evolution to select for success only children who do the best living in minimal sunlight? One in 6 couples are outright infertile, and the fertility medicine business is booming. This dose is determined by scientists by feeding dogs and rats.The other harm the supplements are doing, is sending the message that pills are a safe and effective substitute for sunshine. Whether from pills or sunshine, optimizing vitamin D will benefit your health. The data from the dogs and rats indicates that a single dose of vitamin D above 150,000,000 IU (150 million IU) is lethal.These folks have tested the "healthy" lifestyles (low fat, low carbs, vegetarian, vegan, exercise three times/week, meditation, religion...) Despite all the testing, I didn't know what to do. That's what I like about the implications of vitamin D.It has led to a theory that I don't think has been tested.

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Indoor life deprives us of sunlight, which causes permanent low levels of two blockbuster hormones - vitamin D and melatonin, and cause permanent low levels of at least one other hormone, various neuropeptides, endorphins, and probably some other things I haven't found yet. And what's with the spunky aviator gals in leather jackets, that's not very Christmassy!Login with Real Me * If this is your first time accessing the Vetting service, you will need to login with Real Me, then enter a Police ID and Activation code which was emailed to you by the Police Vetting team.I’d have to swallow 50 entire bottles at once to reach the lethal dose. 1000 mg (a standard dosage for a single vitamin C pill) is a lethal dose for the average person. The fifty bottles of 1000 IU vitamin D pills mentioned above would weigh in the ballpark of 2500 g.

A typical vitamin D tablet weighs 150 mg and is 10,000 IU of vitamin D.This hormone, however, is rarely used because, it is highly dangerous.