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I didn’t want to be subpoenaed for am on West campus via email. I felt like my lack of compliance and inability to jump through all of their hoops made them not believe me. They never told me what the next step was, when they planned to call me, if they received my voice messages and emails or how they made any of their decisions regarding my sexual assault case.I felt short of breath, I had no control over my life with every meetings, interview and phone call.At the pre-student conduct hearing interview, you are not allowed to have a lawyer present.I began to notice how much the word “alleged” sounds like “I don’t believe you.” They didn’t care that I was someone’s child, that I couldn’t sleep at night, that the way they were conducting everything made it worse, or that I experienced PTSD every time I saw him on campus or at the grocery store. I didn’t want to meet with more people from the university or the university police.If you’re looking for a cougar or your relationship is looking for a little extra sexual fun, sign up and see who’s local now.If you don’t want to put up a picture, that’s fine we understand. Then, months later, I made the mistake of reporting my rape to the university police. They gave me a phone number to call and I told the police officer what happened to me as I was sitting in the passenger’s seat of my friend’s car.I received an email that I was to report to the Dean of Students office on West Campus at a certain date and time, so I went and that was the last time I spoke to anyone about my sexual assault case in person.

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But I am incredibly disappointed in Texas A&M University. He stared at the small patch of skin my tank top exposed between my chin and chest, and he pictured me naked. That's all I was, an object of infatuation, a prize to be won, a code that would at once be cracked, but never a person. She gave me the contact information to report my case to student conduct.

After reporting my sexual assault, I never once felt like anyone actually believed me. I told them my story again and the following week I met with my victim’s advocate.

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