Rules to dating a pro wrestler rule dating younger

03-Dec-2019 04:56

Entertaining Indians for centuries, wrestling is one of the oldest sports played in the country.The combat sport provides a positive direction of aggression and promotes physical strength.The international men’s freestyle is divided in different age categories, which includes schoolboys, cadets, novice, juvenile, juniors and seniors.Different weight classes are also defined for the game.However, all types of wrestling games involve forcing an opponent to touch the ground or holding them in a particular position for maximum time periods.

Today, wrestling techniques have been integrated with other hand-to-hand combat systems, including military combat and martial arts.

The equipment used in the games includes a singlet, which is a one-piece garment made from spandex and Lycra.

This prevents the opponent from using anything over the wrestler as leverage. A special pair of shoes are worn for increasing mobility and flexibility of the wrestler, and they are light and flexible.

Using grappling type techniques, including throws, clinch fighting, holds, joint locks and pins, the game encourages use of the body against weapons for contest.

The rules in both traditional-historic and modern styles have evolved substantially.For winning the game, players must perform certain actions or holds that gives them points.