Reasons for not dating a single mother

06-Sep-2020 23:03

Many US States felt uncomfortable with this decision and have passed laws to require women seeking an abortion to pass through several steps.This can include having a pre-termination ultrasound or attending a counselling session.Should a parent’s failure to follow instructions result in the death of a fetus innocent of any wrongdoing?When we look back at the Eugenics movement of the early part of the last century most modern people are appalled.Some extreme pro- choice supporters publically promote this stance.

If it is unacceptable for a stranger to kill a baby why is it acceptable for a mother and her doctors to do so?

At conception a new life comes into being, one with a unique genetic code and the unlimited potential for greatness that is latent in all humans, the development into a baby, then toddler, child, teenager, adult is inevitable.

However, aborting a fetus deprives it of life and the ability to enjoy its future liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We do not wish to address the difficult questions of pregnancies which result from rape or incest – these should form a separate category and be considered on their own merits.

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parents right to forbid dating

With that in mind and in an attempt to bring rational discussion to this issue we have listed our top 10 reasons why abortion is wrong and should be illegal.

The laws of 23 of those states protect the fetus from the very earliest stages of pregnancy, regardless of viability outside the womb.

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