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Karen Davis, from Port Pirie in South Australia, was captured streaking by a camera car for the popular Google Maps app, which allows users to zoom in on certain streets and towns in cities all over the world with a 360-degree view.

The 38-year-old, who plans to skydive topless for her 40th birthday, has hit back at the controversy over her actions, claiming that 'flat-tittie chicks' are not confident enough with their own bodies and should focus on how they look.

It would be easy for the traveller to feel that here was a big smelly industrial city and keep driving but this would be to miss some fascinating buildings and a genuinely beautiful and gracious main street.

Prior to European settlement the district was known as 'tarparrie' (possibly meaning 'muddy creek') by the local Nuguna Aborigines.

Port Pirie Large industrial centre on the shores of Spencer Gulf Located on the eastern shore of Spencer Gulf 229 km north of Adelaide, Port Pirie economy is driven by the huge silver, lead and zinc smelters which process the raw ore brought from Broken Hill and the large port which provides transportation for both the metal and rural industries which dominate the town.

Port Pirie proudly announces itself as 'The City of Friendly People' although the first sight one has is not of people but of the huge oil tanks on the outskirts of town and the grain silos and the chimney at the smelter.

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Around the turn of the century the connection between Port Pirie and Broken Hill was so strong that the author Ion Idriess recalls 'lucky families from the Silver City enjoyed their Christmas holidays at Port Pirie ...

The old Customs House (1882) has been developed so it looks like a house from around 1900.