Plus size dating confidence

20-May-2020 05:07

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At the time, all I saw in ads were these small girls and women.When I went shopping at the clothing stores, I didn't see anything I thought I could wear, so I started to dress like a tomboy – jeans, baggy shirt.I wouldn't wear a swim suit — even though I grew up in Hawaii — I just wore shorts and a long T-shirt.It wasn't until college, when I moved to New York, that I started to see more plus-size and curvy women wearing these fantastic clothes and I thought, well, maybe I can do that too.Did you feel like you were average-sized growing up?No, I was always a little overweight as a child, so I always got picked on. In the modeling world I was considered "plus-size" and there I was surrounded by all these women who actually looked like me — women who had curves and weren't ashamed of them — and it really helped me appreciate my own body. I'm a Christian and I know that God created me in his image and how he created me is perfect and if God thinks I'm perfect then what was I tripping about?It's become so much easier for me to find positive role models now — people that look like me and are happy and thriving. They are completely subjective depending on the company or the fit.It sounds silly, but I try to hashtag and post body positive things on social media, because every time that I read that stuff, or even when I post it myself, it sinks in for me a little bit more. What matters is how you feel, and that you're happy, and that you're staying true to yourself.

I thought average was slim and tall without any excess fat or stretch marks. Probably my eagle wings, but I'm coming to accept them too. I definitely noticed a difference in my size when I was at the beach with my more petite friends and I felt like I was wrong, or maybe something was wrong with my body.Instead, write down the things you love about yourself.Focus on those things every single day you'll be amazed at how your confidence grows. They would say things like "Look at those torpedos! Then we broke up and I got another boyfriend and I think being accepted by them made me more accepting of myself.I was told my legs were too short, my arms were too flabby. It was really hard to figure out who I was when everyone else was telling me who I was supposed to be. Maybe your eyebrows are on fleek that morning or you are wearing really cute earrings.

Just say something you like about yourself every morning and soon you'll start seeing all these ways that you are beautiful.

Now we are generally seeking to be slim and beautiful, and thin people have certain advantages in many things.

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