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We can’t make her like you, but we can help you make sure she likes where you take her.

Here are the 10 Coolest First Date Spots in Phoenix.

For the record, property west of I-40 is less expensive and crowded than that on the east side - different counties... Insurance for home, autos, barns and ranching was GREAT through "Farmer's" in Williams - Don Dent and his daughter. I wanted to retire in Prescott, but it had GROWN too much!

Water to fill 500 gal tank in Pick Up truck was only - per load in Ashfork. Propane (main source of power for stove, fridge, water heating, etc.) came from "Superior Propane" in Williams as they are the BEST! They even covered windshield replacement (as rocks DO pop up on dirt roads)! Had no intention or knowledge of off-the-grid, but as we drove north toward Chino then onward, came upon this really cheap land.

HI,there, ya'll, my name is Ernie, I'm looking for some cheap land, preferably, where it's warm & dry most of the year, cause of health issues.

I live n my 5th wheel, n small town, east of Tucson. very interested I too have been researching area's to move to in Arizona.

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Anyone in any city can look up the best Italian restaurant on Yelp, make sure to grab a reservation on a night when a violin player is on call, and brush up on the best wines to order to make you look like you know what you’re talking about. There are many places in the Phoenix area that can leave a lasting impression on your date and help keep you in the front of her mind.We purchased for K in '99, sold for 0K in 2005. 300 residents in (and always has been) the economically depressed town of Ashfork, yet 3,000 in surrounding off-grid 40-acre lots - 188,000 acres of old ranch broken up. Only used back-up DIESEL generator during cloudy monsoon or snow-time or MOVIE night with friends.