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The default value is ; 0, meaning no throttling at the scene level.The example given here is ; 20 megabits ; ;scene_throttle_max_bps = 2621440 ; Maximum bits per second to send to any single client.This will override ; the user's viewer preference settings.The default value is 0, meaning no ; aggregate throttling on clients (only per-category throttling).; Note that only the ODE physics engine currently deals with meshed prims in a satisfactory way ; ; Zero Mesher is faster but leaves the physics engine to model the mesh using the basic shapes that it supports ; Usually this is only a box meshing = Meshmerizer ;meshing = Zero Mesher ; Choose one of the physics engines below ; Open Dynamics Engine is by some distance the most developed physics engine ; basicphysics effectively does not model physics at all, making all objects phantom physics = Open Dynamics Engine ;physics = basicphysics ;physics = POS ;physics = modified_Bullet X ; ## ; ## PERMISSIONS ; ## permissionmodules = "Default Permissions Module" ; If set to false, then, in theory, the server never carries out permission checks (allowing anybody to copy ; any item, etc. ; If set to true, then all permissions checks are carried out ; Default is false serverside_object_permissions = true allow_grid_gods = false ; This allows somne control over permissions ; please note that this still doesn't duplicate SL, and is not intended to region_owner_is_god = true ;parcel_owner_is_god = true ; Control user types that are allowed to create new scripts ; Only enforced if serviceside_object_permissions is true ; ; Current possible values are ; all - anyone can create scripts (subject to normal permissions) ; gods - only administrators can create scripts (as long as allow_grid_gods is true) ; Default value is all allowed_script_creators = all ; Control user types that are allowed to edit (save) scripts ; Only enforced if serviceside_object_permissions is true ; ; Current possible values are ; all - anyone can edit scripts (subject to normal permissions) ; gods - only administrators can edit scripts (as long as allow_grid_gods is true) ; Default value is all allowed_script_editors = all ; ## ; ## SCRIPT ENGINE ; ## Default Script Engine = "XEngine" ; ## ; ## WORLD MAP ; ## World Map Module = "World Map" Map Image Module = "Map Image Module" ; ## ; ## EMAIL MODULE ; ## ;emailmodule = Default Email Module ; ## ; ## ANIMATIONS ; ## ; If enabled, enable Fly Slow will change the primary fly state to ; FLYSLOW, and the "always run" state will be the regular fly. My SQL.dll" ; Inventory source SQLite example inventory_source = "URI=file:inventory Store.db,version=3" ; Inventory Source My SQL example ;inventory_source = "Data Source=localhost; Database=opensim; User ID=opensim; Password=****;" ; User Data Database provider ; ; Multiple providers can be specified by separating them with commas (whitespace is unimportant) ; If multiple providers are specified then if a profile is requested, each is queried until one ; provides a valid profile, or until all providers have been queried. My SQL.dll" ; User source SQLite example user_source = "URI=file:userprofiles.db,version=3" ; User Source My SQL example ;user_source = "Data Source=localhost; Database=opensim; User ID=opensim; Password=****;" ; Specifies the location and filename of the default inventory library control file.

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; ; client_socket_rcvbuf_size allows you to specify the receive ; buffer size LLUDPServer should use.; enableprejump = true ; Simulator Stats URI ; Enable JSON simulator data by setting a URI name (case sensitive) ; Stats_URI = "json Sim Stats"[SMTP] enabled=false ;enabled=true ;internal_object_host=lsl.opensim.local ;host_domain_header_from= ; SMTP_SERVER_HOSTNAME= ; SMTP_SERVER_PORT=25 ; SMTP_SERVER_LOGIN=foo ; SMTP_SERVER_PASSWORD=bar[Communications] ; Interregion Comms = "Local Comms" Interregion Comms = "RESTComms"[Stand Alone] accounts_authenticate = true welcome_message = "Welcome to Open Simulator" ; Inventory database provider inventory_plugin = "Open Sim. This needs to be fixed ; user Database_plugin = "Open Sim. The auto https config only really works definately on windows XP now ; you need a Cert Request/Signed pair installed in the MY store with the CN specified below ; you can use https on other platforms, but you'll need to configure the httpapi yourself for now http_listener_ssl = false ; Also create a SSL server http_listener_cn = "localhost" ; Use the cert with the common name http_listener_sslport = 9001 ; Use this port for SSL connections http_listener_ssl_cert = "" ; Currently unused, but will be used for OSHttp Server ; Hostname to use in ll Request URL/ll Request Secure URL ; if not defined - default machine name is being used ; (on Windows this mean NETBIOS name - useably only inside local network) ; External Host Name For LSL= ; Uncomment below to enable ll Remote Data/remote channels ; remote Data Port = 20800 grid_server_url = " grid_send_key = "1234" grid_recv_key = "1234" user_server_url = " user_send_key = "1234" user_recv_key = "1234" asset_server_url = " inventory_server_url = " ; The Messaging Server is a companion of the User Server.It uses ; user_send_key and user_recv_key, too messaging_server_url = " ; What is reported as the "X-Secondlife-Shard" ; Defaults to the user server url if not set ; The old default is "Open Sim", set here fro compatibility shard = "Open Sim" ; What is reported as the "User-Agent" when using ll HTTPRequest ; Defaults to not sent if not set here., This will likely break them Combine Contiguous Regions = false ; If you have only one region in an instance, or to avoid the many bugs ; that you can trigger in modules by restarting a region, set this to ; true to make the entire instance exit instead of restarting the region.

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; This is meant to be used on systems where some external system like ; Monit will restart any instance that exits, thereby making the shutdown ; into a restart. My SQL.dll" ; storage_connection_string="Data Source=localhost; Database=opensim; User ID=opensim; Password=*****;"; ; If you want to use a different database/server for estate data, then ; uncomment and change this connect string.Draw Prim On Map Tile = true ; Use terrain texture for maptiles if true, use shaded green if false Texture On Map Tile = true ; Maximum total size, and maximum size where a prim can be physical Non Physical Prim Max = 256 Physical Prim Max = 10 ; (I think this was moved to the Regions.ini! Trust Binaries = false ; How many prims to send to each avatar in the scene on each Update() Max Prims Per Frame = 200 ; Combine all contiguous regions into one large region ; Order your regions from South to North, West to East in your and then set this to true ; Warning!