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" By Trevern Dawes "Inkjet printing continues to improve in quality and affordability, but the questions over print life persist.Trevern Dawes examines the situation, outlines the current accelerated fade testing methods and summarises the practices recommended to promote maximum print life." View 6-Page Article Download 6-Page PDF Final print permanence test results for the new HDX inks printed on a variety of media will be posted on the WIR website as soon as the data become available toward the end of this year.Pav Pank of Diabetes UK, said: 'It is very unlikely the consumption of fruit juices alone increases the risk of developing diabetes.

They provide a good shot of vitamin C but we have to watch them because they can be quite high in sugar.'Around two million Britons have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and a further 500,000 are thought to have it but do not realise they do.Diabetics do not produce enough insulin, a hormone vital for converting sugar into energy, or they make insulin that doesn't work properly.Blood sugar levels are initially kept in check through a tightly-controlled diet and exercise regimen.Many enjoy a morning glass as part of their recommended five-a- day fruit and vegetable intake.

But nutritionists have warned that moderation is vital.

But, It's Certainly Not True of Every Combination." WIR and Kodak Image Permanence Test Methods Reviewed View 4-Page Article Download 4-Page PDF Author David Em from the Byte Media Lab discusses why "Kodak Years" must be interpreted differently from "Wilhelm Years" as they relate to print display permanence ratings.