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20-Dec-2019 10:44

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Just do not to fool around and just waste everything.

If you're not honest then you are fooling yourself as well.

If you can't talk about what's bothering you it's already over it's only a matter of time, it's much better to talk it out and come to an understanding that will work for both you and your dating partner, to stay together. Beauty change but not a true heart lies beneath inside.

His wants and needs are more important than any of yours. There are a lot of men on here that are too picky and won't give us good girls a chance they blow you off and not even think twice.

You don’t force yours self to people who doesn’t like you, Choose to do this because you want to.

You cannot try to change a person from what they are. Beauty is not everything at all, this is where common mistakes are found, and the real beauty lies inside the heart as it's the heart that you will cherish forever not the beauty.

Looks are a lot of what people see first but there is more to it than looks.

Just be careful arab men see women in a diffrent way.… continue reading »

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