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Hinshaw, still in his 20s, entered unfamiliar territory: dating. Those parts of life were excellent, but the dating and relationship part, less so. Well after midnight their conversation was still percolating when Mr. A guy who genuinely wants to pet my dog and help me cook? Hinshaw on the text string, but the good-natured medical student wasn’t offended.“I was just out of a seven-year relationship and not equipped with much game,” Mr. However, the next week after soccer practice, the two spent the night together. “This is what it’s like when someone cares about you,” she said.With his boyish good looks and his reputation for kindness and brilliance, his female friends took notice. Her childhood had been steeped in an evangelical church where her mother was a pastor. Gutierrez had written a pledge to “save herself for marriage.” For her undergraduate degree in English, she attended a small Christian college, Biola University, where she said one of her roommates had her first kiss with her husband at their wedding. Gutierrez had rebelled against the Christian conservative mores, yet only so much.“Men were either your salvation or you were supposed to have nothing to do with them,” she said. Gutierrez to see if she had followed through on her healthy meal plan. Talk of relationships, sex, soccer, dogs, careers, Christianity, God and their shared frustration with secular life lasted until dawn.“Melissa was totally herself, she wasn’t trying to sell me anything,” Mr. Upon leaving the next morning, he said, “This is not just a physical thing for me.”Ms. “There are a lot of ‘three little words’ I’d wanted to hear besides ‘I love you.’”Mr. “The honeymoon night was a night of firsts, too,” the groom said a few weeks later. The groom wore a navy blue two-piece tuxedo by Calvin Klein, a white dress shirt by Lorenzo Uomo, a purple vest by Y&G and purple and black Carucci plain-toe wholecut oxfords. First Things First After the conservative Christian couple said their “I dos,” they shared a first kiss on the lips as a married couple.

But we quickly saw that Trevor was just as committed and serious.”On Dec.

Marriage.“You mean to tell me that you have this five-prong approach and yet you’re 44, you’ve never been married and you have no children? Harris, who is now 45, grew up in Detroit and graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. “But as it turned out, the timing just wasn’t right for them as both were going through difficult times, so there was absolutely no spark.”In July 2015, Mr. He began looking for a job in February 2016, after falling off his snowboard and dislocating a shoulder. Kaddu Luyombya, one of the groom’s two best men, noted that “Michael was doing pretty well when he was single. But he didn’t start living the life he dreamed of living until Elizabeth came into his life.”Asked if the groom’s five-prong approach had ultimately worked, the bride said: “I never really looked at it as a test or a quiz, but more of an emotional roadmap.

But as it turned out, the timing just wasn’t right for them as both were going through difficult times, so there was absolutely no spark.”Ms. Y., received a bachelor’s degree in theater arts from N. Though she found some work, she abandoned her dream in September 2013 when she returned home to be the primary caretaker for her mother, Herma Cunningham, who had cancer.“I thought Michael was a good-looking guy, but I was so distracted by my mother’s situation that when I got to the restaurant, I’m not even sure I shook his hand,” Ms. “I don’t think there was a paragraph of sentences spoken between us that night.”Mr. During his last semester at North Carolina, he completed a four-month graduate-level study-abroad program at the Stockholm School of Economics. Harris, who is also a chartered financial analyst, was single and working as a controller at a data center in Manhattan when he met Ms. “But I saw that a lot of my friends were getting married and having kids and they all started disappearing on me.“New York might be filled with eight million people, but for me, it felt more like I had become a part of a certain kind of crowded loneliness, and all of the glass half-empty things about New York really started getting on my nerves.”They moved on, but kept limited tabs on each other through Facebook and other social media platforms.“They are also very much grounded in their Christian faith, which is why I thought they would be perfect for each other,” said Barbara Augustin, the friend who set them up. Harris’s 75-year-old father, Herman Harris — were enjoying music while feasting on chicken and empanadas, black-eyed peas, plantains and macaroni and cheese.

He had just started medical school at the University of California, Davis, where he is now in his second year, and was facing the possibility of calling off his engagement to his high school sweetheart.

His fiancée was unwilling to commit to a wedding date.Melissa Gutierrez and Trevor Hinshaw were both raised in Christian homes, and when they met she literally gave him the shirt off her back. Gutierrez served as captain, so she stripped down and threw him her jersey to get the game underway. Gutierrez, 28, a dedicated soccer player and spitfire known for her big personality, spontaneity and smart, quick moves, both on and off the field. Hinshaw, 25, also a keen and dedicated player, put on the very tight jersey — she’s barely 5 feet, he’s 10 inches taller — without registering that Ms.

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