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The Taft family of Cincinnati has for generations been a source of prominent Republican politicians at the state and national levels. His father had been secretary of war and attorney general under Pres. The direction, administration, and financial management of the public schools is delegated to the individual school districts.William Howard Taft (1857–1930) served as the country’s 27th president and as chief justice of the U. Actual financing of public schools is shared by state and local government taxing units.With few exceptions, the state’s nearly 90 counties exist as quasi-municipal corporations, each constituting an arm of the state government but without general authority of self-government in the legislative field. Various state agencies support activities to assist senior citizens, people with disabilities, and the poor.Most larger cities operate under home-rule charters that permit them to choose the form of government most suitable to their needs. Other state bodies oversee programs in the prevention and cure of illnesses.

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Ohio’s present constitution was adopted in 1851 but has been amended extensively as the state matured.

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