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17-Apr-2020 17:16

Should What You Say on Facebook Be Grounds for Getting Fired? Would You Be Willing to Pay for Facebook or Google in Exchange for Your Privacy? Should People Be Allowed to Obscure Their Identities Online? Do You Spend Too Much Time on Smartphones Playing ‘Stupid Games’? Or Is it Just Another Excuse for People to Stare at Their Phones? Are Digital Photographs Too Plentiful to Be Meaningful?

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But if you like to keep things vanilla, I can do that too. & whether you are bi-curious, a 1st timer, thick, thin, young, or old, I would love to spend time with you. I get tested every 3 months and I always play safe. My endless thirst for knowledge is one of the main things that make me who I am.

Thinking those things through, writing them down, and having them accessible help to keep me present.