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The branches of this story are twisted and turn off in many directions, like an old tree near the end of life. She flew in from Texas, although my sister had just delivered her a new grandson. This story also has hope, love, commitment, humor and a small touch of sarcasm.

She sent me a quote hidden inside a Spanish and English dictionary: Although many branches are broken, my roots are deep and intact. My leaves have long been swept away by a cruel wind. Smiles and laughter are a rare commodity for a foreigner with bad Spanish in a Latin American third world prison, but they are possible.

Latin American phone companies can be far less than stellar.

If this story were that old tree, the branches could be followed backwards to the trunk.

Later, they would be afraid to testify for me due to retaliation.

I was told that the driver of the scooter was trying to beat me to the intersection and miscalculated badly, or he did not see my huge 4-door Mahindra truck as he headed directly for it.

A 25-year-old woman died Tuesday after she was thrown into a fire to drive "demons" from her body, Nicaraguan authorities said, quoting witnesses as saying she was stripped naked, burned and thrown into a gully.

Officials said the woman, Vilma Trujillo Garcia, suffered burns over 80 percent of her body.

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My first plan was to walk all of the neighborhood stores and purchase minutes. I knew none of the stores would have in phone minutes to sell. I knew the ugly horrified faces I would see when I pulled out the huge red bill and asked for change.After another extended wait my long-time Nicaraguan friend busted through the crowd and into the courtyard. My friend and I cried for the dead man and his family.She was hysterical and told me the man had died on the way to the hospital in Managua. I still did not understand I was being blamed for his death. The first of many wrong assumptions and logic was that a report would be filed and I would go home. I pushed my way through the doors and tried to pass the crowd of hysterical family members and friends of the deceased. They hit me, spit, blocked my exit and kicked at me. I was handcuffed and dragged inside by several officers.He struck hard against the front right fender, behind the wheel. I went back to my truck and frantically sent text and emails to everyone I could. After what seemed to be an endless wait, the police finally managed to traverse the five blocks from the police station. He told me not to worry but he had to take me to the station for my safety. I could see the faces of many old women and Sunday drunks getting bitter.

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Interestingly, the first thing the officer did was take my cell phone. Many times I have seen similar accidents while passing through Managua. The results of such intensive investigation and hours of blocked traffic clearly are not used in trial.There are always 20 police on the scene with tape measures and magnifying glasses. I assume most of the techniques the traffic police use were seen on the crime drama C. At the police station I was told to wait in the courtyard until the investigators sort things out.