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The assumption now was that any woman could do both: the dreaded cliché of “having it all.” But what about the Joanna Kramers, who couldn’t manage either? When he first saw the set, Dustin said, “My character wouldn’t live in this apartment.” The whole thing was quickly redesigned to fit whatever was in his head.

Meryl spoke with her mother, who told her, “All my friends at one point or another wanted to throw up their hands and leave and see if there was another way of doing their lives.”She sat in a playground in Central Park and watched the Upper East Side mothers with their perambulators, trying to outdo one another. She thought about Joanna Kramer—who after the movie came out, “the more I felt the sensual reason for Joanna’s leaving, the emotional reasons, the ones that aren’t attached to logic. In contrast to most films, they would shoot the scenes in order, the reason being their seven-year-old co-star.

The movie would be a kind of generational marker, tracking the baby-boomers from the heedlessness of young adulthood to the angst of middle adulthood.

No one was yet calling people like the Kramers “yuppies,” but their defining neuroses were already in place.

even hit the bookstores, the manuscript fell into the hands of Richard Fischoff, a young film executive who had just accepted a job with the producer Stanley Jaffe.

Ted and Joanna Kramer, Fischoff thought, were like Benjamin and Elaine in 10 years later, after their impulsive union has collapsed from the inside.

In the early chapters, their marriage is portrayed as superficially content, with wells of ennui underneath.

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Benton heard the slap and saw Meryl charge into the hallway. ” As far as she was concerned, she could conjure Joanna’s distress without taking a smack to the face, but Dustin had taken extra measures. Benton filmed the speech in a wide shot first, reminding Meryl to save her energy for the close-up.As she soaked in the atmosphere—muted traffic noises, chirping birds—she thought about the “dilemma of how to be a woman,” she said later, “how to be a mother, all the gobbledygook about ‘finding yourself.’ ” Most of her friends were actors in their late 20s who didn’t have children, women at their peak career potential, which, paradoxically, was the height of their baby-making potential. To make the story real to Justin, they would tell him only what was happening that day, so he could it, which would inevitably come off as phony.His direction would be communicated solely through Dustin, as a way of bonding on-screen father and son.His protagonist was Ted Kramer, a thirtysomething workaholic New Yorker who sells ad space for men’s magazines.

He has a wife, Joanna, and a little boy named Billy.But she delivered it with “the same sense of richness” each time, even when the cameras turned on Dustin for his reaction. Unwittingly, Dustin had created a new moment, one that Benton wanted in the scene.

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