Married men on dating websites transexual dating uk

01-Mar-2020 06:00

An easy explanation would be that these people generally tend to use the Internet more, leading to more opportunities for attackers; however, the volume of falsified information is a danger in and of itself as well.

You can count yourself lucky if someone you’ve been in contact with merely fibbed about their job or age rather than gaining your trust using social engineering and then using the information they gained while talking to you for, say, spear phishing.

Such fears are not unfounded: 55% of visitors to dating sites have encountered some kind of problem related to their use of the services.

Problems can be manifold, from unpleasant conversations to real cyberthreats. Many visitors to dating sites and users of dating apps still do not consider them all that reputable and thus don’t want their friends or family to see their profiles.

It seems dishonest users understand better than honest ones how much the truth can change someone’s online profile.

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Married users lie primarily to hide their marital status.However, it’s not just the desire to find a new partner quickly that inclines people to lie.