Mandating drug

02-Dec-2019 01:40

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(a) Federal employees are required to refrain from the use of illegal drugs.(b) The use of illegal drugs by Federal employees, whether on duty or off duty, is contrary to the efficiency of the service.The bill was merely a proposal which was introduced to one house of the state legislature and was not brought to a vote.According to the [Louisville] Courier-Journal: The [bill’s] sponsor, Lancaster Republican Lonnie Napier, said in an interview that he plans to amend the bill to allow those who fail the drug tests to continue receiving assistance if they agree to undergo state-paid substance abuse treatment.“I believe there is a need for public assistance for those who need it, but I understand some are using these funds to buy drugs.” Scott signed legislation requiring adults applying for welfare assistance to undergo drug screening.“It’s the right thing for taxpayers,” Scott said after signing the measure.

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The person does not participate in the substance abuse screening program established under this section; or 2.In May 2012, Oklahoma passed a law requiring welfare applicants to be screened for possible drug use and drug tested upon suspicion they are using.