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20-Oct-2020 10:18

In one anecdote with a student dubbed "Anthony," he tried having girlfriends but preferred relationships with computers.

With girls, he wasn't sure how to react; but with computers, he knew how to react. And there are loads of Anthonys out there who find it difficult to, or can't form satisfying relationships with, humans.

By 40 or 50 years, everyone of a marriageable age will have grown up with electronics all around them at home, and not see them as abnormal.

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" So that started me thinking even more about the way humans interact with computers—not just by typing on a keyboard, but how people could interact with computers in a humanlike way.

All those reasons that people want to have sex with prostitutes could also apply to sex with robots. When I started, the research was almost entirely on male clients, but the number of women who pay for sex is on the increase, although there's not much published on the subject.

That shows both sexes are interested and willing and desirous to get sex they paid for.

You ended up writing a lot about sex dolls—did you know about sex dolls before you wrote your book? So I think robots can simulate love, but even if they can't, so what?

People pay prostitutes millions and millions for regular services. And, as you mention in , brothels in Japan and South Korea already offer sex with dolls for the same rates they would charge for human prostitutes.One of the most common reasons people pay for sex was that people wanted variety in sex partners.

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