Linq updating

02-Jun-2020 13:35

Then just use the ‘Submit Changes’ method to commit the changes to database.

Here is a simple code example below which will change a single row:(There is no difference between this and changing multiple row only need to retrieve multiple objects and change them) You will notice an interesting thing here, we didn’t have to use any extra method to tell Data Context object to notify the changes like ‘Insert On Submit’ or ‘Delete On Submit’ methods before .

Today, in this tutorial, I will try to give some more examples on other types of database operations, that writes/updates the database.

These will cover writing and executing ‘Update’/’Insert’/’Delete’ query in the proper way.

I am assuming, you already know how to create dbml/linq to sql classes: Being Lin Q as a ORM, it’s quite easy and sql syntax free way to insert data using Lin Q.Initially, the update was set when the information was passed to the window to get the information inthe fields.If the table object was null, the I set the Update flag to false.First, we will have to retrieve the ‘user’ object we want to delete, and then add this deletion operation in the queue by ‘Delete On Submit’ method.

Finally commit the operation using ‘Submit Changes’ method as before; Just like insert operation, this delete operation example given above will work for .I use an Update boolean variable to tell me if the information on the WPF window is to update, or to add.