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In the beginning of Season Two, when Sam and Bobby Singer are surveying the wreckage of the totaled Impala, Sam pulls the broken PC from the passenger seat.

Then, in "Crossroad Blues," Sam is seen using an Apple 15" Power Book or Mac Book Pro, though interestingly, its display shows a Windows OS.

Sam Winchester is always ready to sacrifice himself for strangers, humankind, and his brother with his every heartbeat sound.

Sam was born on May 2, 1983 to John and Mary Winchester in Lawrence, Kansas.

However, Dean appears to be the more skilled of the two when it comes to hand-to-hand, something Sam would never admit.

Though Sam is usually more concerned about not hurting the hosts and others possesed by deamons, he has actually used The Colt on more occasions than any other known person, including the original hunter.

Padalecki plays Sam Winchester on the CW's cult-hit series about a pair of demon-hunting brothers on a destiny run; Cortese appeared on the fourth season of the series as the second embodiment of the comely but eeeevil demon Ruby.

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He also rebelled against his father's attempts to raise him as a demon hunter and enrolled in Stanford University.

In that same episode, his brother Dean makes references using computer software which leads viewers to believe that Dean may, in fact, be the owner of the laptop.