Intimidating 69 camaro

05-Oct-2020 04:28

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Go through the engine bay one last time to make sure that all hoses, tubes and wires are no longer secured or attached to the front radiator support and the left and right inner fender wells.

Remove the bolts securing the lower radiator support to the front of the subframe.

Inside both wheel wells there will be three 5/8 inch bolts with large washers securing the inner fender panels to the subframe.

Loosen and remove the lower radiator hose so the cooling system can continue draining.I would wrap the harness in a fender cover and lay it out of the way between the door and body.Next, remove any wires going to the engine to such components as fuel injectors, throttle position sensors, chokes, temp/pressure gauges etc.Follow the cables coming from it down the driver side.

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Every place it or one of its branches is secured to the subframe, inner fenderwells or the engine/transmission, remove it.Loosen and remove one heater hose from the engine and blow low pressure compressed air through it to get the heater core to drain.