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From the military fliers' experience of watching another plane leave a training area. submitted by pr00f_0f_d3f - (www) - A declarative statement in the affirmative. D.ology is essential to protecting and preserving the integrity of our country (USA).As it leaves it gets smaller and smaller, until it loses its shape and becomes a dot. e.g., Cashier at Piggly Wiggly: "Ma'am you can't use this Publisher's Clearinghouse check to buy your groceries; it's not a real check." Woman with a buggy full of Ding Dongs: "I'z gots dis check inda mail today, it's gots my name on it, so yes I'miz." submitted by Bill i-d-ten-t) e.g., Brandon: "There, I kicked the computer. submitted by Paul Edic - (www) - Any middle-school/high-school student obsessed with a fetish for seeking attention and popularity more so than grades or scholastic excellence.

" Referring to their atomic origins, and being delighted (mad) about being a human being. e.g., Bert: What's this with you creeping up behind me in shadows? (Derived from the character in the Nickelodeon series "As Told by Ginger.") e.g., "Don't tell me, but doesn't that kid in the lunchroom somehow remind you of one Ian Richton? | Fear of flying too close to the sun and falling into it.e.g., Ice-a-lanches are frequently known to occur in crowded movie theaters and finer dining establishments. e.g., More and larger iceburgs farther north than usual will be used by both sides of global warming as evidence for their positions.submitted by julian - A person who melts away the perplexing questions surrounding large floating bodies of solid dihydrogen monoxide. Ain't it wunnerful what you can get away with when you rely on manipulated data and models rather than observations and real scientific evidence?Wade smacks of iatriolatry, the way he defers to medical opinions as if they were holy writ. e.g., Because a doctor's interests influence the patient's symptoms, hysteria is an iatroplastic disorder. There was a compartment just the right size for a standard block of ice, and a rather small section where you could store foods to be refrigerated.

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submitted by James Morrison - A deep seated desire or inward part inclining a person to submit absurd words to an online database of such. e.g., Periodically, regularly, the ice man came around a delivered a fresh block of ice and put it in your ice box.

The interesting thing is that for quite a while after getting an electric refrigerator, people would often still refer to the refrigerator as "the ice box." submitted by Paul Edic - (www) - When a hockey players looks really great on the ice during a game, but does not appear attractive at all in person.