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In December, when the couple was out at a nearby mall, some men — suspected by the husband to be acting at the behest of his in-laws — picked up his wife and drove off with her in a car.He registered a fresh case with the police and then filed a petition in the Bombay High Court through his advocate Hasnain Kazi, seeking that his wife be returned.These approaches deal with concrete examples of women's involvement in dialogue, critical reflections on the representation of women in dialogue, and the important question of what women might bring to the dialogue.Together, they open up new avenues for reflection on the nature and purpose of interreligious dialogue.They were reunited in early February, and her family has now started to come around.“This is a family matter. “But political leaders have created an atmosphere that has affected our personal lives.”Such incidents are part of a wider pattern in India, where interfaith and intercaste couples are increasingly facing bullying, harassment, familial opposition and even death threats.

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Question: My boyfriend and I are beginning to have serious conversations about marriage. He has attended Mass with me on multiple occasions, has prayed with me, and is open to conversations about marrying in the Church and raising our kids Catholic.

Considering women's prevailing invisibility in all levels of interreligious dialogue, this volume is an invaluable contribution to this area of human engagement.

Using a feminist lens, the authors critically engage with their own traditions and those of others.

Over the next few months, she continued to face pressure from her parents and filed a complaint with the local police against her father for threatening to kidnap her.

At one point, unknown men even attacked the home of the couple, who, fearing for their safety, do not want their names used in this story.

To work toward resolving those, I would start with answering this question: This issue could work out many different ways.