I am dating my therapist

07-Jun-2020 02:25

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But I think a therapist should be able to do more for you than a bartender, a kind uncle, or even a friend.

Analogously, a competent architect will design and build a house that works for Here are my 4 expected fundamentals in a therapist who’s doing in-office talk therapy with an individual client: 1.

As each client should be unique and require individual tailoring.

If you want a counsellor which only works with CBT or Gestalt or Brief Therapy ...

the list goes on, then you maybe denying yourself the wealth of skills a well rounded, qualified professional counsellor has to offer each unique client.

Counsellors often have their personal choices of which theorist they like and techniques which they've had success with.

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That gives me confidence that they can get the client from point A to point B without getting lost or confused, themselves, along the way.A qualified counsellor would have been trained in many different techniques and theorists.Until a counsellor works alongside their client they will not know which technique is best for each individual client.I believe that you have to draw from several styles to be effective as a therapist. The concern I have is that it is difficult to become skilled in even one theory. So, if I'm trying to be proficient in several theories and use different theories with different clients, I fear I would be a jack-of-all-trades, master of none.

You can't describe what you do if you're going to meet the client where they are. I think it's better to find a theory that works well; and when it works well it should be applicable to a majority of situations.

Which is why they'll mix and match depending on clients needs and issues.