Happyslip kevjumba dating

18-Jan-2020 23:05

By the way, if you want to watch my videos, I post under the username xperpetualmotion.

You may enjoy this recent vlog in which I complain about typography.

I had to cut some people out since their channels were just too similar to others I had already used, so if you're not on here please don't feel offended.

If I included everyone I wanted to it would probably be about twice as big!

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I don't know if kevjumba is actually a heterosexual bear wrestler or not, but his request in his last video that all his fans Google that phrase seems to have paid off for him quite nicely lol.

As you can see in the screen shot opposite, it looks like Google Trends shows that Kevjumba may be the very epitome of machismo as his question is numero uno.

It seems that Kev was suffering under a common affliction for those in the public in that when you ask "Is so-and-so" it seems most people are asking about their sexuality and Kev was being Googled to see if he was gay or not.

Actually I was watching another channel on Youtube that I follow where a similar problem cropped up.

Hank and John Green of the vlogbrothers were wondering about what people were Googling their names and finding.

He chose the You Tube username Kev Jumba because his friend used Matt Jumba as a screenname and thought it was funny.

Wu chose You Tube because of his lack of resources and an audience.John Green's search revealed lots of questions like "Is John Green an author" and "Is John Green married" etc.

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