Godly principles on teenage dating

09-Feb-2020 16:08

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At this stage, he is guilty of public variance, sedition, strife, implacability, and wickedness at least.

Sister Susie Smith has been dating Brother Tommy Jones.

But now Brother Smith asks his pastor to let the congregation judge in the matter. If Brother Jones is moved by the church's concern and equitable judgment, and satisfies Brother Smith as specified, then he may be retained in the church. He is not excluded, even though his offence is public, because it ranked as one of the smallest matters of this life.

If Brother Jones rejects the judgment of the church, then he must be excluded and treated as a heathen man and a publican.

Our adversary, which has persecuted the church from the beginning, is seeking churches he may devour (Rev 12:1-17). Open to general observation, sight, or cognizance; existing, done, or made in public; manifest; not concealed.Brother Smith has been unable to receive any satisfaction from Brother Jones regarding the power cord on his jigsaw.

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