Gemini woman dating cancer man

22-Jan-2020 00:54

The balance that is reached between the two will hold the threads of the relationship together.For a large part, the couple will enjoy a healthy relationship but due to the shifty and moody nature of the Gemini woman, the union may come under stress.You have the ability to get him out of his beloved comfort zone, and once he does declare himself, he'll become a gallant, affectionate and almost poetic partner.Cancer Men are quite sincere, and when they feel like they're being properly and fully loved, there's almost nothing they won't do for their partners.Mercury vs the Moon & Jupiter - Your planet, Mercury is not patient; it likes to keep busy all the time.It does open lines of communication when working with the Moon that can go very deep.

In order to make this relationship work, you'll need patience on your part, and adaptability on his.

The Cancer man learns to adapt to the Gemini woman’s whims and fancies and the woman makes an equal effort to be patient with her man.

This way, they co-exist with each other peacefully and happily.

He may, every once and a while, be in a mood to enjoy the high-spirited fun that you thrive on, but his moods change with the phases of the Moon, and he will probably shift away from whatever possessed him to be so reckless with his tender feelings.

Your moods change often as well, but they usually don't do so in a recognizable pattern that's in synch with his.

The Gemini female is always on the lookout for excitement and adventure in her life.