Gay hiv positive dating sites

12-Jan-2020 21:51

We need to inform ourselves about the risks of HIV in 2012 and understand what it means to have the infection today.And we need to understand, and incorporate into our sex lives, the fact that a risk of transmission is higher with someone who doesn't know his status and/or is not on medication than with someone who is being treated.More open disclosure can lead toward better, more informed, and safer sex.It would also go far toward removing some of the shame we have toward the disease.There are tens of thousands of serodiscordant (positive/negative) couples who are in vibrant, healthy relationships that last years or decades without one transmitting the virus to the other.Through drugs that can often (although not always) reduce the virus to undetectable levels, PRe P, and basic safer sex practices, it is actually remarkably easy to protect both yourself and your partner. My younger self struggled to kiss someone whom I knew to be HIV-positive.I've always known you can't get HIV through kissing (it's a simple, safe activity), but the irrational mind is powerful.Today I have many friends I love who are HIV-positive, and I make a point to kiss each and every one of them.

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After all, we don't tolerate racist profiles or verbal harassment.

We need to let our HIV-positive friends know we are available to discuss status and safe sex openly.

Rather than spending time writing things like "neg for neg" in an online profile, we need to clue people in that we are ready to have a more informed discussion around risk and transmission.

Some brave souls add a discreet " " sign to their profile name.

The dearth of proud, openly positive gay people online in most cities is a lost opportunity for all of us.Some would rather have cancer than live with the stigma of the infection, where a diagnosis is filled with not only internalized gay shame but a sense of fault: Nationally, 20 percent of gay and bisexual men are estimated to be living with HIV.

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