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In the early hours of September 28th, 2011, student Maple Batalia is found shot dead in the parking lot of Simon Fraser University.

With over a hundred cameras at their disposal, can detectives dig through the footage and figure out who killed Maple?

Years pass without a single lead in either case until a Missouri police officer's routine house call uncovers the most unlikely suspect.

Kenda recounts his emotional interview with an elderly woman who was brutally attacked and left for dead in a local grocery store.

They turn to surveillance video, and it's there the killer emerges from the shadows.

On October 26th, 2009, widower Philip Gatusso is murdered in the quiet town of Fargo, North Dakota. Surveillance cameras show her driving into a parking lot and walking down a back alley, never to return. When a teenager goes missing from her local Walmart, detectives struggle for leads.

Kelly first tells him it was done with a chisel, but soon the truth about a saw comes out.

Ogden meets Cochran out at a restaurant, and she admits her husband shot and killed her lover Chris Regan.

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Two young mothers living hundreds of miles apart vanish under eerily similar circumstances.

Kenda leads a state-wide manhunt that brings the criminals to justice with just hours to spare.

Kenda follows a bizarre chain of events after a loving mother and four children inexplicably die inside their home.

On March 18th, 2011, 32-year-old Patty Ayala is murdered at the Burger King where she works.

Police find the safe open and a mysterious message next to Patty's body.

Nicole White is in the middle of a bitter custody battle when she vanishes.

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