Federal law mandating hospital pregancy testing dating a muslim ma

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The following morning the child arrested while en route to the hospital for additional respiratory difficulties.Mc Keen & Associates effectively argued despite normal vital signs, history of child gasping for air and numerous visits to emergency department over previous week merited admission to the hospital for observation. Project Straight, et al 33 year old husband and father of three, successful business executive presented to outpatient detox center to help with recovering from addiction to prescription pain medications.Following delivery, patient experienced massive postpartum hemorrhage resulting in arrest.Plaintiff went for approximately 12-15 minutes without adequate oxygen to her brain resulting in hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy or brain damage which manifests itself in severe quadraparesis, cortical blindness and cognitive deficits with executive functioning difficulties.The twins suffered consequences of prematurity with soft neuro cognitive impairment.The male twin later victimized by sodium overdose resulting in stroke and mild cerebral palsy.Plaintiff, a 21 year old college student presented to a level III perinatal center at 37 weeks gestation complaining of pain across her stomach, headache and visual disturbance.

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As a consequence of delay in delivery, the minor Plaintiff suffered meconium aspiration syndrome and significant cognitive impairment.The defendants negligently failed to diagnose a placental abruption and failed to recognize the existence of a bleeding condition known as DIC.Accordingly, defendants negligently failed to expedite delivery and replace lost blood volume and blood products to correct patient's coagulopathy.Following emergency cesarean section delivery, infant was delivered in a profoundly depressed and asphyxiated condition resulting in severe cerebral palsy and mental retardation.

The Hospital argued that at the time the decision was made to allow patient to go to the bathroom, the fetal heart tones were normal and baby was well oxygenated.Following administration of Pitocin, fetal monitoring revealed severe episodes of umbilical cord compression and fetal heart rate deceleration.

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