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22-Mar-2020 04:17

eclipse updating plugin dependencies-75

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However, now I'm looking at some docs that suggest I do the following: on the command line, but that's seriously the extent of my knowledge.

I would be happy to continue knowing nothing about Maven if there is an equivalent, non-Maven way of following these instructions with Eclipse.

Once you have your Maven project in the IDE, simply open up the POM and add your dependency to it.

Now, if you do not have a Maven plugin for Eclipse, you will need to get the jar(s) for the dependency in question and manually add them as classpath references to your project.

Note that the Java standard classes are excluded automatically from the view. Thanks It would we more useful if having these features: - Save the layout, so the work of arrangong the boxes is not lost each time you call the viewer - An automatic cascading layout Thanks again Juan I've just installed the pluging on eclipse Juno using the marketplace install.

If you suspect that the result is not correct, close the "Dependency View" view manually (using the X icon on top right corner) then try again. Clicked 'view package dependencies' on one of the packages - blank window Clicked 'view package dependencies' on a project - eclipse hangs for a few minutes (spinning wheel), then becomes unresponsive This is a rather large project, but I cannot wait minutes for this to happen without eclipse Uninstalled.

then you have to download "axis-client-8.7.jar" file and paste the same in to below location will resolve the issue.

The end result is that I'm now getting a classpath error when one of my plugins (A) tries to access a class in one of the dependent plugins (B) (also one of mine).You will want to create your project as a 'Maven Project'.Alternatively you can import an existing Maven POM into your workspace to automatically create projects.Thanks Update I should also say that the project is quite old and uses the and not the manifest. This is unlike the old convention of using 'internal' in the package to mark non-exported packages.

Since you have from very old version of eclipse, it might be the problem, as exported resources from one plugin to another were not enforced in Eclipse RCP 3.2. Open plugin.xml, check "build" tab, see how "binary build" are configured.

To view dependent classes of a specific class (i.e.

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