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These struggles were seldom to the death, but were in keeping with the custom among various peoples of forcing young men to undergo tests of endurance before granting them permission to marry.

The underlying principle was that no man should have a wife until he has proved that he is able to protect her. Courtship by capture contributed its share of customs to the rituals of modern marriage.

Perhaps even more common than buying a bride was the ancient custom of gaining a wife by working for her father for a certain period of time.

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A popular superstition arising from this tradition is that whoever of the groom's friends caught her will be married within the year. Marriage through purchase was quite likely the next stage in the evolution of courtship.As the human species became more mannered and various religious rites began to be observed, young men and women sought to make themselves attractive to non-family members of the opposite sex who resided near them in the same village or series of villages.Rules of exogamy, which denied marriage between persons of the same bloodline, and the laws of endogamy, which prohibited marriage with any persons except those of the same bloodline, arose to define the pool of eligible mates from which young people could choose.Many are familiar with the Old Testament story of how Jacob worked 20 years for his uncle Laban to gain Leah, a bride whom he did not want, and Rachel, whom he loved (Genesis: 29, 30).

Among many early peoples, valuable presents were given to the parents by the bridegroom instead of a monetary payment.

Although these marital circumstances may have existed for quite some time among early humans, there are a number of reasons why neither polygamy nor polyandry could have survived as universal or general practices.