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27-Oct-2020 07:28

This season has been very Daredevil heavy so far, and the opening scene in which Elektra and Daredevil (both in full costume) take down the invading Yakuza suggests more of the same.

Elektra, by the way, thinks it’s hilarious that Matt assumed (with everyone else) that the Yakuza had fled the area after the whole Wilson Fisk business. As ever in this show, the choreography is used to develop characterisation as well as plot—Matt might resist being on Elektra’s side, but they fight together with a fluid shared elegance that might as well be a sex scene.

Also, bonus Jessica Jones callback, and hilarious Daredevil mime!

Karen discovers that Frank’s military service and medal is not a matter of public record which suggests black ops of some kind; she also figures out that the reason Frank’s family’s deaths were under-reported is because they were casualties of a gang warfare in a park—a mass shooting involving, you guessed it, the Irish, the Mexican cartel, and the Dogs of War.

Despite District Attorney Reyes’ attempts to stop them, Matt makes his case to Frank—though it’s an increasingly desperate Karen, holding a stolen picture of Frank’s family, who pushes him over the edge.

I have to believe that Frank knows Matt is Daredevil.

After calling Assistant District Attorney Tower’s bluff about whether District Attorney Reyes has the power to destroy their little law firm, Foggy discovers they are losing clients!

He meets up with Marcy, his corporate legal shark of an on-again-off-again ex, for a subpar martini. I love how she savages her way to the pointy end of every conversation—she understands Foggy’s mixed feelings about Matt and Karen maybe being a thing, and she is gleefully victorious when he finally admits he got in touch for a professional consult rather than old pals catching up.

Matt refuses, angry about her returning so suddenly to his life and expecting him to trot along with her plans.

She struggles to convince Foggy and Matt that they should dig deeper into the Punisher’s history, in light of the way that the media (with a lot of push from District Attorney Reyes) is covering the story, with a lot of important details missing.

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