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However, the Central Dogma is not about a specific molecular mechanism but rather about information flow: not about the (im)possibility of reverse translation but rather about the (non)existence of information flow from protein to nucleic acid.Is it conceivable that this channel of information transfer is after all not fully closed but the underlying molecular mechanisms are completely different from the hypothetical reverse translation? The entities that eventually became known as prions were first discovered as agents of slow, devastating neuro-degenerative diseases (spongiform encephalopathies), the relatively common scrapie in sheep and the rare Kuru and Creutzfeld-Jacob diseases in humans [].

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The two fundamental steps would be: i) recognition of nucleotide triplets (t RNA anticodons) by amino acid residues within a polypeptide chain, ii) joining of these triplets into an RNA molecule.However, it cannot be ruled out that the same phenotypic effects ensue, at least in part, from different mutations.Regardless of the exact mechanisms, prions clearly violate the Central Dogma by enabling the information flow from proteins to the genome.Latest screening shows that prions are common, at least in fungi.

Thus, there is non-negligible flow of information from proteins to the genome in modern cells, in a direct violation of the Central Dogma of molecular biology.interconversion of different forms of nucleic acids on the basis of universal rules of base complementarity.

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